Durable Solutions

Doing things right the first time is the right thing to do

Here you will find how

Durable Solutions delivers the best in high-value, low-priced products to protect YOUR assets enduringly, locally, and globally

Durable Solutions has chosen to offer durable solutions that will not allow you to waste your money or resources ANY MORE!!!

Each of our three main product lines we now offer, offers you

   -- 20-plus years of field service
   -- extending life cycle meaning not need to re-do as often
   -- cost effective in terms of $$$, time, and main purpose
   -- environmentally safer than alternatives including for staff
   -- actually work to FIX and not temporarily seem to work
"Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence" --Anon
As an example of our added value to your operations, consider the painting industry's "visual standards" approach. This photo shows their satisfactorily cleaned surfaces that are in fact NOT clean of SOLUBLE SALTS that will cause premature failures. Our CHLOR--RID SOLUBLE SALT REMOVER does clean surfaces.
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